Floral ShowerFloral_Shower

Want something exclusive for your event which all your guests would remember their lifetime? Well, then why not have some paramotors fly over your event and surprise you with some floral showers from the heavens above?

Flyboy brings to you an opportunity to create a spectacular statement through aerial floral showers service. Fresh, fun and fabulous flower petals for every event of yours be it weddings, receptions, temple inaugurations, VIP welcome, sports or corporate events!

Sky AdsSky_Ads

What would really grab a potential customer’s attention towards your brand? Something exciting and dramatic!!! What if they saw a colorful, aerial banner fly above them while they were enjoying a sunny day at the beach? We bet they would look up and remember your aerial advertising message long after all the other ads they heard and saw from other media outlets.

Still not convinced? Flyboy gives you 3 irresistible reasons why this will work for your brand/event:

  • Irrespective of age, gender and social standing, whenever we hear something like a plane, we look up and search for something flying across the sky.
  •  Aerial advertising reaches out to wide array of people and appeals to everyone
  •  Who remembers billboards which are mundane and boring? Everyone always remembers the unusual and the extraordinary!

So why are you stuck to a billboard when Flyboy can get you a flying billboard?

Aerial PhotographyAerial_photography

For any commercial photographer, the best way to illustrate the beauty of a building or piece of land or a commercial property is through Aerial Photography – a technique of capturing photographs of the land from an elevated location. Flyboy gives you an opportunity to click all these breathtaking pictures which you dream off.

With Flyboy paramotors you have the freedom of flying just a few inches off the ground to thousands of feet up in the air. With a wide range of altitudes and angles to play around with, you are bound to enjoy your experience capturing those amazing pictures. We guarantee some very inspirational photographs with a beautiful view of the surroundings from a different perspective.