How can I fly in a Paramotor?

It’s simple! BOOK your flight on our website and turn up at our location. Our trained and experienced pilots will help you fly on the flight of your choice.

Who can do it?

Anybody who is fit and between the age group of 4 years to 75 years can experience the joy of paramotoring with us.

How can I book?

BOOK online and reserve a slot for yourself, for one of the best adventure activities in Delhi NCR. We do not encourage walk-ins.

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Is it Safe?

Absolutely! We have flown over 50,000 customers, maintaining complete safety standards. We have had a lot of celebrity flyers as well and have proved ourselves to be their number one choice in aerosports.

Is it fun?

Yes, of course! Paramotoring is a fun and adventurous flying activity, which will leave you mesmerized.

Where can I avail it?

Currently, we are located in Gurugram (NCR). You can BOOK a flight on our website.


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Do I need any training?

No. While our experienced pilots fly the aircraft, you can freely enjoy the thrill of flying high and feel the adrenaline rush within you.