The Trike Flash certificate DULV matched with two models paramotor :
Gold 130 and MAX 130

With this trike is possible to take off and landing on wheels attached to a normal glider gliding properly sized. The characteristic of this trike is its ease of assembly and disassembly and transportation on any vehicle. In this simple trike you can apply any paramotor (Fly Products models are definitely the easiest to place). The trike para consists of two beams of aluminum square tube triangulated by a series of cables and a cradle bearing steel, which acts as a support for the two harnesses that accommodate the driver and passenger. The most salient features: ease of assembly and disassembly, including the placement of PPG behind it, the `structure very low which gives great stability in takeoff, during taxiing and landing phases, also with a cross wind. Another novelty not to be underestimated are the saddles of the trike built specially made for it very light and simple, easy to dismantle and store in a small space. This trike is designed for those who want to make a paramotor flight really comfortable with the possibility of tandem flights more comfortable and safe.




TRIKE FLASH - Certificate

Technical details

Model Flash
Engine type All of our models
Starter electric/manual
Weigh kg 14
Max pilot weigh suggest
90 + 90

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