Fly Products introduces the Sprint paramotor in two versions, with propeller 122 cm and 130 cm available only with manual starter. Also for this model, we followed the principle of the versatility.
It’s in fact possible to use 3 different systems of pilotage. The cage can be easily dismantled in 6 parts and the main frame, made in strong aluminium, assures great solidity.

Three different systems of pilotage!
The Fly Products paramotor can be equipped with three different steering systems on the same chassis. The active Hang Low Point on Fixed Point and the Hang Low Hang Active Point. All three systems were tested by the best pilots in the world to internal national and international competitions, thus ensuring reliability and performans top.


SPRINT - Manual

Technical details

Model Sprint
Engine type Thor
Starter m m
Cylinder n° 1 1
C.C. 110 110
Max power (HP) 20,5 20,5
Weight (without harness) kg 23 23
Drive 1:3,43 1:3,43
Fuel tank lt 16 16
Autonomy hours 4 5
Max pilot weight kg 90 110
Propeller blades n° 2 2
Propeller length cm 122 130
Clutch YES YES
A = cm 133 140
B = cm 33 33


Engine bag for paramotor
Carbon propeller
Cover propeller with pocket for rods
cover_with rod_pockets
Bag for outer cage
Bag for outer cage
Revolution counter/hours

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