A beautiful floral shower can add magic to any event and give you memory of a lifetime. We will have our paramotor fly over and surprise your friends and loved ones with a floral shower, creating a moment that they will always cherish.
A floral shower is an excellent option for a wedding, a reception, an inauguration, a VIP welcome, a sports event, or a corporate event, to add a special touch to your event and make it completely stand out.


Have a special message to give to your loved ones? Forget the plain and boring way of expressing yourself on a special occasion, and deliver your special message in an extravagant way with Flyboy. As your loved ones soar high in the sky, they will be able to see your message chalked out for them on the ground.


How many billboard advertisements, from the numerous ones, really stick with you? Hardly any, we bet!
This is the 3-step-benefit your brand will get from the aerial promotion service at Flyboy.
Larger Audience Cover
Grabs Audience Interest
Stands out and stays remembered


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Flyboy Aerial Photography is a service where in our crew captures the pictures of an event, or a property from the heights of the sky. This service really helps capture the essence of your event or your property beautifully in a single frame. The bird’s eye view of the land below builds a mesmerizing image.


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